Raspberry Pi TLS-SNI-01 Update error



Following the end of life email received recently.

I’ve attempted to update my cert preferences on my raspberry pi running Jessie.

I ran

certbot renew --preferred-challenges http --dry-run

But received the following error

Error: None of the preferred challenges are supported by the selected plugin. Skipping.

Any suggestions to fix would be great




Check what version of certbot you have: certbot --version. If your version is e.g. 0.23 (like mine - Ubuntu 18.04.1) then it is out of date and this is the problem I believe.



Can you show the rest of Certbot’s output?

0.23.0 should be new enough that --preferred-challenges http works.


Problem is: Raspberry-Pi is based on Debian and the “stable” version for certbot is just “0.10.2-1”

I have the same problem on my Raspberry-Pi as well. I installed the stock certbot via Debian standard package manager apt-get…


Can you show the renewal conf file?


If you can’t install a newer version of certbot, you can use the webroot authenticator.

certbot renew -a webroot -w /path/to/web/root

(normally I’d suggest using --dry-run first but staging seems to be down right now :frowning: )


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