Questions for DNS TXT record for wildcard certificates


Here comes two questions of DNS TXT record for wildcard certificates

  1. Could I delete the DNS TXT record after applying wildcard certificate? Will it be re-used when renewing wildcard certificate?
  2. In case it is used when renewing wildcard certificate, will its value be changed which needs manually updated? So auto renewing may not work?



Yes, once you get your certificate you can and it is recommended to delete the TXT records created for _acme-challenge.yourdomain.tld.

No, those TXT records won’t be re-used when renewing the certificate, at least the token won’t be the same

When you renew your cert, you will get new tokens to be placed in the TXT record(s) value, so if you have created the records manually then you should renew your cert manually following the same process and creating/updating the TXT records with the new tokens…


It’s clear now, thanks a lot!


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