Question on certificate renewal limits

Please specify, in case of renewal of the certificate, does the restriction on the number of installations on the IP address apply?
If I installed certificates for 80 domains in 1 day through the Plesk panel, will they be correctly updated after 60 days? Or will there be an installation restriction error for the ip address?

How do you mean, the “number of installations”? And what is the relation with “IP address”? The only rate limit currently coupled to IP address or IP address range is the maximum of Accounts per IP Address per 3 hours rate limit.

That’s more a question to be answered by Plesk :wink: But if Plesk is set up properly, it should automatically renew the certificates.

No. Please read where all the rate limits are listed.

Edit: I see you’ve decided to copy/paste the Google Translate-translation from someone in your other thread to a new topic. That wasn’t really necessary. But to help you with any language issue: the rate limit documentation is also provided in Russian:


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