Python coders: How to help with the Let's Encrypt client!

If you’re excited about Let’s Encrypt and are handy at writing Python, the Let’s Encrypt client team could use your help!

If you’d like to get involved, you can find a short introduction to hacking on the client here. You can ask questions here, or find us via IRC #letsencrypt-dev on

To find a good thing to work on, take a look at the Github issue list. Issues tagged as good volunteer task are probably the best place to start; those against the nice for 1.0 milestone are now the highest priorities.

An area where we especially need help is to improve the nginx automation plugin. It would be great for it to be solid enough that it can be enabled for launch, but we’re currently short of developers to work on that. So if you think you might be have the skills and time to make our Python nginx configuration parser and editor more reliable and robust over the next month or so, you can take a look at the nginx ticket list.