Production ECDSA allow-list (cont)

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Unsure if still a manual or an automated process, but any hints on how long the prod ECDSA allow list updates are currently taking? I have a few more weeks to renew my certificates and wasn't really aware there was such a list until today, so not sure if I gamble and leave the renewal for the very last week or if I do it now and renew it after 30 days.

Thank you.


The process for updating the list is still manual. We aim to update the list weekly on Thursdays which means we review the current requests a few days before it's updated. It really depends on when you submit but estimate a week turn around time.

You should renew your certificates as normal to ensure your certificates remain valid and your clients do not experience interruptions. When you're on the list, go ahead and renew if you're really excited to use the ECDSA chain. Keep in mind, we currently serve a "long" chain and it won't be exclusively ECDSA to the root.

end-entity certificate <-- E1 <-- ISRG Root X2 <-- ISRG Root X1


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