Problem migrating away from TLS-SNI-01 with Certbot


You still have 89 days on the current cert.
The --dry-run simply immolates what will happen after TLS-SNI-01 is fully deprecated.

So you are good to go :slight_smile:

Your cron job should reload/restart the server only when a cert is deployed.

We can also check that setting if you like.


That is fantastic! :smiley: You are a lifesaver. A hundred thank yous.


Feel free to buy-me-a-beer.

[becoming an alcoholic is still on my bucket list - LOL]


Ahem…how does that work?


The cron job?



No, the buy-me-a-beer? :slight_smile:


If your ever in Miami…
or you could fax one to me - LOL


I will if I come to Miami :slight_smile: I thought there was some online service.


There are many…
But I just do this for fun.

If you want to donate anything, send it to LE:


Cool, I will donate actually. Thanks so much!


I see a business opportunity here :smiley:

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