Possible DNS cache?

I know I have found this topic elsewhere but could not find an answer that would actually explain it.
Since yesterday I am trying to issue a certificate for a new domain. The DNS records are set to point to the server since yesterday morning. When I try to resolve it against the authoritative NS they return correct address. Same with google DNS. But letsencrypt still tries to connect to old servers for no reason.


dig @ www.code-heart.top +short

which is correct one. The authoritative namservers return the same address. Though letsencrypt still fails.

Thank you for your help

Your domain has IPv6 address record (AAAA) set:

$ dig aaaa www.code-heart.top +short         

Let’s Encrypt VA servers prefer IPv6 over IPv4. If you are not using IPv6 for your server, you should remove this record, as your IPv6-enabled visitors will be directed to the wrong site (and you won’t be able to fulfil HTTP-01 or TLS-SNI-01 challenge).


Thank you very much!!
Have a nice day


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