[POLL] Let's Encrypt setup experience & more

Let’s Encrypt is supossed to start publicly giving certs in two weeks so I decided to make a couple of pools to let the beta testers answer some questions.

I not a developer from Let’s Encrypt, I am just another tester.

ACME Client: Did it work automatically?

Certificate Lifetime: What do you prefer?

When you vote you can see the results of the pool.


There seems to be a problem with the client, as some people complain about it.

I needed manual mode, but that was expected win PC acting as webserver with xampp, so I fired up my raspi and let the manual mode do its magic and it was REALLY easy.

I did some things manually because I wanted to setup HPKP.
I ended up removing it; I’m not sure I understand how it works yet.

Anyway, yes, the automated client worked well for me (Apache).

Allright, there is a way to make polls inside Discourse

There it goes:

Let’s encrypt: How do you rate your user experience using the client?

  • Very good (5/5)
  • Good (4/5)
  • Fine (3/5)
  • Bad (2/5)
  • Very bad (1/5)

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You may want to have a look at:

Okay, what is with the other question you asked? Can you also add it?

BTW after you did so you should possibly edit your first post, remove the links and add a note that the polls are below, so that visitors of this topic use the "right" polls and do not split the results in different ones.

(BTW nice to see that Discourse can do this :smile:)

Thanks, I read that yesterday and understood that definitely wasn’t for me (I’m still a newbie).

I gave it 4 because except for that insecure warnung that was immediateately grilled using 2 new lines in le-auto it was flawless…