Performance and Availability metrics for letsencrypt

we need a monthly/weekly aggregated report of performance and availability metrics of letsencrypt. Can anyone guide me to get those data ?

@dancvrcek created a third-party service to monitor Let’s Encrypt:

The method and data are perhaps not perfect, but it’s probably a lot more informative than the official status site is.

Maybe you can ask them if they can share some aggregated data with you.

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is there any other we can get it ?

here you have Aug 30 - Sept 6 - can’t do PDF here.

4 monitoring points from AWS - downtimes are stacked - each column = 1 hour

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Thanks Dan, Can you guide me through how to get that data from my end via keychest ?

@DanCvrcek I noticed that there seem to be some very consistent times of day where you report downtime events - are those in UTC?

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