PayU API - Clarification on Ciphers

Hi All, help me please, i am going to use, one api (pay u) to integrate a payment gateway in my site, but of the requirement is one SSL without elliptic curve encryption or SHA-128.

someone knows if a can use Lets Script

Hi @Shuberth

You need to explain this a bit more. It sounds like a very technical question however you haven’t really provided enough infomration for people to provide a good answer

are you connecting to a site or are you hosting a site
Where does the requirement you are describing come from (documentation link please)


looking at this:

Temporarily, do not use security certificates elliptic curve or those who have the suite of encryption TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA in your payment requests.

This is nothing to do with Let’s Encrypt. You need to review how to select ciphers in the language you will be programming the API integration with.


You can control which encryption algorithms your server uses in you server configs. That has nothing to do with the certificate itself. The only things that matter on the certificate are the signing algorithms, which are very different.

I agree that you’d need to provide additional information for us to be able to assist you properly.

Hi, i really appreciate your early answers, i will install the certificate, thanks

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The short answer is yes.
The certificate has basically nothing to do with the cipher used.

For example, you can use the same certificate with:

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