Other CAs planning to introduce ACME

There are already CAs offering free SSL Certe (eg. Starttls and Wosign).

Does anyone know, if other CAs plan to start using ACME (maybe even for non-free certs)?

SSLMate is similarly automated, but not through ACME.

I have heard that SSLMate is easier than LE

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StartSSL free certificates are for non-commercial use only. Check their terms. If you want to use one of their certificates on a business site, you need to be Class 2 validated (requires payment). Wosign looks interesting.

It seems they're working on one part of the equation (purchase via an API with a slick client) while LE is trying to build a whole open framework that can be automated. When weighed against the relative monetary cost, I'd argue that they are both about the same "ease".