OS supported vesrion of ISRG root certificate

Hello Team

We are using several letsencrypt certificates in our Org. We came to know that ISRG root will be used by default after sep 2020. Can you please share the list of below-mentioned OS versions which supports ISRG root certificate.


apple: Added in Mac OS Sierra/iOS 10https://twitter.com/letsencrypt/status/790960929504497665
macOS 10.12.1
Windows : anything that got update after july 2018 (7 /8 and 10)
linux - most distrivusion they download trust store from mozilla, so anything that got updated after 2016 will have that)
the most likely to be used environment that you will meet will be android, as it only included in android 7.1.2


Thanks much @orangepizza

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