Order is sometimes ready before doing authz/challenge


I have been using the Certes .NET client to request certificates for some time now with a high level of success. The past few days I have been testing some aspects of our code again and I can see that sometimes when I create a new Order the status is immediately Ready. The Authorization allocated to it will already be Valid also. The Challenge I then create goes from Pending to Valid after validation as expected. Point being it is working okay (hence why I'm not providing much information regarding server etc).

I just want to know what scenario results in a NEW Order's status starting as Ready? Doing a few tests I think it seems to happen when I create a new Order for a host name I have recently done. I'm not willing to say that with full confidence though. I've looked through the ACME Protocol and I can't see anything that stands out.

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Valid authorizations are cached for 30 days (currently) and can indeed be reused.



Aha! That's great news. Thanks for clearing that up, it's very much appreciated.


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