Options-ssl-nginx.conf not included in all sub domains

Hi everyone.

I've just added a cert to another subdomain. with certbot --nginx

and I noticed that the following line
include /etc/letsencrypt/options-ssl-nginx.conf;

is not anymore inserted in the nginx server{} of that new subdomain.

does the lines embed in options-ssl-nginx.conf are nginx wide ? even insert in a server{}


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Hi @SpongeBOB, for general nginx information you might find nginx documentation and https://forum.nginx.org/ helpful. :slight_smile:

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Was it perhaps some kind of addition to an already existing server block?


If it has been included in the main HTTP block, then it gets applied to all other blocks therein.


indeed, but it's not the case here.
options-ssl-nginx.conf is in a server{} block not http{}
That's why I'm surprised that it appear for one server{} and not the other.

I'll ask on nginx side and I'll keep you posted anyway :slight_smile:

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