Older certbot + Asynchronous Order Finalization

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I am wondering if anyone can inform me about the version of certbot that introduced support for Asynchronous Order Finalization. We have several customers who are still using older legacy CentOS servers. I am concerned that there may be a surge in support requests when the next brownout or rollout of this breaking change occurs.

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I'm looking at the code for v0.31.0 (a common version on older distros) and it polls during finalization. I haven't checked earlier versions but they probably do it too.


I think it was introduced in the following commit which landed in v0.22.0:

At least, that commit/PR introduced a deadline of 90 seconds when trying to finalize an order I believe, so that sounds like polling, right?


Thank you two very much for the fast reply. So I guess the older Hosts with old Certbot Versions shouldn't be affected by Asynchronous Order Finalization :+1:


Certbot has supported correctly polling orders while waiting for finalization to complete since the very first version that supported ACMEv2 Orders at all:


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