Old server lost, do I have any chance of retrieving my certificates?

Hello there!
Stupid me just executed a

rm -rf *

in the root folder instead of another one so everything on my server is gone (and stupid me also didn’t think necessary to make a copy of letsencrypt account ^^).

So here’s the situation: I had certificates for my domain issued for my previous account which is now gone.
I can’t recreate another certificate for my domain because there’s already an existing one for the deleted account.
Do I have any way to retrieve my old account and recover my certificates OR simply revoke them so I can get new ones with my new account?

Thank you very much!

Actually, you can. :smile: As long as they don’t exceed the rate limits, multiple accounts can issue certificates for the same names.

The certificates are available in the Certificate Transparency logs – for example, you can search for your site on crt.sh – but if the associated private keys are lost, they can’t be used for anything.

You don’t need to revoke them.

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Oh, that's good!
However when I execute this command:

certbot --apache -d domain.com -d sub.domain.com

I get this:

Domain: domain.com
Type: unauthorized
Detail: Incorrect validation certificate for tls-sni-01 challenge.
[####].acme.invalid from [MY IP].
Received 2 certificate(s), first certificate had names "furest"

I'm not sure what it means now... My apache server is brand new and has not been configured with https yet...

Hi @Furest,

This is a different problem, which reflects that Certbot was unable to reconfigure your web server to satisfy the challenge from the certificate authority (yet thought it had done so). It’s probably not directly related to the existence of the previous certificates.

I gave some common reasons for this problem at


Okay I see.
I’ve used the more basic

certbot certonly -d example.com

After a bit of wandering around with apache conf files I managed to get it to work.
Thank you very much guys!

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