Ocsp.int-x3.letsencrypt.org error

Je viens de remarquer que j’ai une erreur qui revient souvent :
ocsp.int-x3.letsencrypt.org could not be resolved (5: Operation refused) while requesting certificate status, responder: ocsp.int-x3.letsencrypt.org
Mon certificat est pourtant valide.
J’utilise NGINX.
Pourriez vous m’aider à résoudre ce problème ? J’ai cherché sur le net mais rien n’a apporté de solutions.
Merci d’avance.

What value are you using for resolver in nginx?


Maybe try:

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This what i have :
resolver dns112.ovh.net ns112.ovh.net valid=300s;

Remove these.

They must be recursive resolvers, but these are actually only authoritative nameservers - so they respond with REFUSED to all non-authoritative queries.

Once they are gone, nginx will be able to resolve the OCSP domain.