Obtaining a trusted certificate for a vCenter 7 home lab

Is there a place that I can just paste a CSR to get a certificate for a home lab that does not have a public facing IPv4 address?

Is your home lab using a domain name that you own and can control the internet-facing DNS records for? If not, then it doesn't matter whether you have a CSR or not. You can't get a publicly trusted certificate for an internal only domain name or a fake name you don't actually own. You would either have to setup your own internal certificate authority or just stick with the self-signed certs.

If it is using a public domain name you can control the public DNS records for, then yes. There are plenty of ACME clients that can potentially use an existing CSR and ultimately get you a certificate. This will also involve you creating DNS TXT records either manually or with a plugin that supports your DNS provider.


You will want to look through these links

Also searching for private networks also smallstep on this forum maybe helpful to you.