Notification Email Unsubscription maybe in Error

"Let’s Encrypt certificate expiration notice for domain [thisdomain]
Thisdomain is a domain I managed in the past for a client, I won’t manage this domain any further more.
But it has my-contact-email-adress registered and so I have gotten those notification emails and my former client seems to be unable to change this.

I just didn’t want any further mailing concerning this domain.
So I clicked on this unsubscribe link:
If you are receiving this email in error, unsubscribe at [unsubscribelink]
Then I’ve got the message from mandrill that my (contact) email adress was removed off this mailinglist.

What I’m asking myself is, whether I won’t get any further mailings for other domains I’ve an Let’s Encrypt certificate for with the same contact-email-adress.
That wouldn’t be my intention and then I should have to reset this back again. How could I do this if necessary?"

Thanks for any hints


You won't get any mailings.

See this page:

You have to change your ACME account(s) to use a different address.

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Oops that is harsh. I don’t know the number of domains I have registered a Let’s Encrypt certificate. All have the same email adress as that I have unsubscribed. To change all emails will take a lot of time, cause I have to check all. Or can I check, which domain have registered with it?

I thought I unsubscribe the notifications concerning the domain and not of the email adress.
That is not clearly written in the notification mail.
You can read: "If you are receiving this email in error, unsubscribe at [unsubscribelink] - No word that the email adress will removed entirely from the central main mailinglist for all domains.

I would never have clicked on such an unsubscribe link if I had read this.

Do you have many ACME accounts, though?

I have two servers left running ubuntu with plesk and maybe 30 to 50 domains (I don’t exactly know the number, I should count them) for several clients, most of them using Let’s Encrypt cert. And most of them have my contact email adress (that which now is unsubscribed) when they have been registered. That is my situation.

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