Not able to install lets encrypt Authority X3 Server Outdated Linux

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Can u please help me

Mr. Scheon.

Kindly reply to this thread,

Sorry, I tried to find some information but I wasn’t able to. The out-of-support status of your operating system is definitely an important part of the problem.

But sir,

Below is error i received

Errors were encountered while processing: E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

Yes, I understand that. dpkg is the Debian package manager. It received an error code probably due to trying to process operating system packages that are broken because the operating system version is no longer supported by its developer.


I mean how to install ssl certificate to run the website please advise. is an alternative client with fewer software dependencies. You should be able to use it to get a new certificate.

Your existing web server will have to be reconfigured to use the new certificate, by editing its configuration files.

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How to start ? what should i do. Please guide me

Sorry, I’m not able to provide this level of support right now. I’m sorry that you’ve been put in the position of responsibility to fix this.

In general, I would suggest again that your server software environment needs to be replaced because its software is out of date and insecure, and because features are starting to break due to unavailable software updates. It also seems like you should try to get someone else who is more familiar with Unix system administration to help administer or upgrade this server.

If you follow the installation instructions on the web site, you should be able to get a new certificate. You then have to install that certificate by editing text files on your system that configure your web server application, such as files in /etc/apache2/sites-available if your use Apache, or /etc/nginx/conf.d if you use nginx. If you get stuck during this process, you could create a new forum thread here and it’s possible that someone else will be able to help you.

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Thank you Mr Scheon, Can i
buy SSL certificate for website ?

Yes, you can buy a certificate from a commercial certificate authority. You will still need to go through a verification process to prove that you own the domain name or administrate the server that the certificate is for, and you will still need to edit the same text files to configure your web server application to use the new certificate.

Buying a SSL certificate from third party could help me ? For me its a horrible situation now fixing this.

It would let you skip over the process of using software to request the certificate on your web server, but you would still have to prove your control over the domain name and still have to configure the web server application to use the new certificate.

You could also use to request a certificate from Let’s Encrypt using a web application; this isn’t recommended because the certificate can’t be renewed automatically. You would still have to prove your control over the domain name and configure the web server application to use the certificate.

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Thank you much for your kind help and support. And i will follows yous instruction which is necessity and quick to resolve this issue.

Thanks a lot Mr. Scheon,

Appreciated your support.


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