Not able to create new certificate

can you please explain about the third option because our crietria is that we have a web app through which user create the server and deploy application on those servers and we enable https on their domain

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The third option makes it so that the limit doesn't apply to your domain but to each of your subdomains. It also means you can't get a certificate on your main domain.

If you are giving subdomains to other people, it can work.

If they use their domain and not yours, it doesn't matter, because you can make an http-01 validation and use their domain.

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Is wildcard certificate works in our case ? or is it possible that we redirect all subdomain to https from http rather than apply ssl on them @9peppe

I am not sure I understand you. Yes, a wildcard certificate works.

A redirect can be done, depending on your software.

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we provide users a server on diff.-diff. cloud providers (like Digital ocean , linode ,etc) and they install application on them (like drupal,wordpress,magento,etc) and we point their application on a subdomain of our domain so for those subdomains i want ssl certificated in bulk ......we provide user a dummy subdomain @9peppe

You cannot use a wildcard in that case. Too many people would have access to the private key.

You don't need recognized ssl certificates for the dummy domain, just use a self signed one. Only the proper domain, your client's one, needs an actually recognized certificate.



what is staging environment Rate Limits and can we implement this :

The staging environment uses the same rate limits as described for the production environment with the following exceptions:

  • The Certificates per Registered Domain limit is 30,000 per week.
  • The Duplicate Certificate limit is 30,000 per week.
  • The Failed Validations limit is 60 per hour.
  • The Accounts per IP Address limit is 50 accounts per 3 hour period per IP.
  • For ACME v2, the New Orders limit is 1,500 new orders per 3 hour period per account.
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heyy i am waiting for your response

Please be patient, your previous reply was only 3 hours ago. Note that this is a Community with mainly volunteers.


You can also use staging certificates, but it doesn't make sense, browsers don't recognize them. Better to go for self signed.

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yes when i used staging ssl certificate browser said that it is not vaild

so what is use of staging ssl certificates

self signed certificates work but their is rate limit for it

Please read the documentation:


if staging will not work for us so please guide what is the best way to get unlimited rate limiting

Unlimited probably won't be possible, but you can ask Let's Encrypt for an increased rate limit. Please see the rate limit documentation linked in your own post above.


what is the maximum rate limit they provide per domaiin per week

I don't know, that will probably depend on your answers to the questions in the Rate Limit Adjustment Request Form.


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