News, v2.6.7 releases, support nginx mode now v2.6.7 is just released.

From last release, we have a lot of amazing features added.

  1. Fixed a lot of issues to be compatible to cross platforms. Including Windows cygwin/git-bash.exe/mingw, GNU Linux, *BSD, Mac and Solaris.

  2. We support up to 16 dns providers for full automatic domain validation.
    Including: API API API API
    OVH, kimsufi, soyoustart and runabove API
    AWS Route 53 API
    lexicon DNS API: (DigitalOcean, DNSimple, DNSMadeEasy, DNSPark, EasyDNS, Namesilo, NS1, PointHQ, Rage4 and Vultr etc.) API API
    nsupdate APIι˜Ώι‡ŒδΊ‘) API
    ISPConfig 3.1 API API API
    FreeDNS (

  3. Support nginx auto validation now.
    If your webserver/reverse proxy is nginx server, we support full painless auto validation now. just like we supported for apache before. --issue -d  --nginx
  1. Support for advanced stateless mode.
    You can configure your server to return a fixed string for domain validation.

For more details, please check the readme file:


any details on this ?

see our wiki:

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