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I’m a little tech savvy but not a tech professional and I’m out of my depth here. I want a new certificate for my website. I access my site via a GoDaddy web hosting service using Plesk. I’ve tried to install the Letsencrypt extension but my Plesk interface seems to be a locked-down version. I assume this is done so inexperienced users can’t stuff it up or maybe just so GoDaddy can bill for an annual certificate service?

There is an option to upload a certificate from a file so how can I generate a new certificate file for this?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Hi @stepmars

if your hoster doesn't support that (or support the plesk - option), it's really bad.

You can install a Letsencrypt client. On your local computer. Then use one of the manual options. You need a validation, so you must create a file (your webroot - /.well-known/acme-challenge), then Letsencrypt checks this file. Or you use the dns-validation (creating a special dns - entry).

If that works, you have two or three files (certificate with public key, private key, perhaps an intermediate certificate), then you can upload these files.

But: Letsencrypt certificates are only 90 days valide, so you have to do this every 60 - 85 days. So it's painful.

PS: I forgot the link:


Do you happen to have shell access for plesk?

If so, you could take advantage of the plesk API as well as ( the full scripts are here
Question - Let's Encrypt *Wildcard Certificates | Plesk Forum, you may need to edit it in order to get certificates other than wildcard with DNS cloudflare authentication)

Thank you

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