New authz valid without being checked

Hi guys,

playing with the staging CA. I’m doing frequent requests - a complete cycle - nonce, order, authz, check, finalize, download.

Interestingly, the challenges don’t seem to be checked but authz-s are set as valid when checked after my validation timeout expires. I checked that in my “web server” and in Nginx logs - which fronts my server as a reverse proxy. And neither shows any incoming requests.

Are there any circumstances when the LE RA can decide to skip the challenge validations?

UPDATE: before you read on, it all works fine. I just didn’t expect that the authorizations (authz) can be re-used while they are valid.

Yes, if the authorization is still valid (it’s linked to the acme account and expires in 30 days.)

What timeout are you using? 7 days? 30 days?

I’m cancelling pending authz and the valid ones are instantly used for finalize.

Does it mean that the authz is valid even if used for a certificate? Also the “non-validated” are new authz, at least the URL/path is different for each.

crossed out: I don’t set any particular value for that, didn’t know it’s possible.

ah, I get you - my timeout is 10 seconds to wait for a validation request for an http challenge on the web server. After that I double check by checking the authz status and it shows “valid”. No traffic on the nginx that fronts my validation web server.

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