Neuer Bereicht über LE bei Heise

"Genau das hätten die aber aufgrund des fehlenden vollständigen Audits gar nicht tun dürfen, so die Logik der Beschwerdeführer des Anbieters für Sicherheitslösungen PSW Group."
"Christian Heutger, der Chef der PSW Group"
Scheint sich auf zu beziehen.

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Kind of insane. CEO of a CA reseller files a random bug which turns out to to be invalid, and the media picks it up immediately. Sad how easy it is to spread FUD nowadays.


I guess it’s because CAs won’t be able to charge for their certs any more, and they want to stop it…

He is also complaining under
Interesting is that there is no information about wosign. They use an cross signed
root from and this for now longer than one year. And they are not included into
mozilla and also not distrusted. So i think he is also complaining because LE is in English
and for the European/ American area in the beginning and so an direct competitor to him.

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It seems the audit are done:

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