Network is unreachable


when I try to get a certificate I get an error
Requesting Network is unreachable

server - ubuntu 16
installed certbot
firewall - disabled

ping - ok -


That is definitely not correct. Check your resolv.conf and /etc/hosts.


hosts has only localhost
in resolv.conf nameserver and nameserver

#4 is a Namecheap IP address. Is your server hosted at Namecheap perhaps?


It’s the IP address of the Namecheap URL forwarder service.

I think OP has misinterpreted something somewhere. Perhaps try from the beginning:

curl -v


Network is unreachable


Please provide the full output. It will reveal whether the problem is your DNS resolution or whether your problem is your server’s misconfigured IPv6 interface.


it was IPv6 problem
now all ok


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