Need trustworthy OpenSSL build for Windows


Windows Server 2012 R2
IIS 8.5

Before I go through the installation of an LE Cert on our website I am planning ahead to try and avoid problem during renewal so I don’t get a panic call at midnight and have to put out a fire when it’s time to renew the cert.

I need a trustworthy location to download and install a Windows version of OpenSSL. I found this site and wonder if anyone knows about it. Is it trustworthy? I don’t want to open myself to hackers/malware/viruses/etc.

Also, should I install the 32-bit version for any sort of compatibility issues or is the 64-bit version safe? I’m planning on using the win-simple client.

Thanks for any useful comments!


Hi @mushu

From the OpenSSL site.

I usually use the binaries from

You can also build your own OpenSSL binaries for ultimate control etc.

This is how I usually use OpenSSL on windows.

A) Create a C:\BIN folder
B) Extract OpenSSL binary
C) Add C:\Bin to environmental library

Hope this helps



I’ve used the binaries at before without issues.

However, if you’re using IIS, I’d suggest looking at letsencrypt-win-simple, which includes IIS support and the ability to schedule automatic renewals.


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