Need multiple certificates for subdomains?

Assume the portal is We also have multiple subdomains with different servers and operating systems. For example, is a centos with apache while is a windows server with IIS.

I want to know is it enough to get one certificate and then copy that to the other subdomain? Howe about automatic renewal?
Or we have to get one license for each of the servers on subdomain?

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A certificate specifically for SUB1.SOMEWHERE.COM will not be useful for a server that responds to SUB2.SOMEWHERE.COM
So, no, you probably would not want to get one certificate and copy it to any other subdomain.

One cert per server seems to be the simplest way to solve your needs.
Each can be handled independently of the other(s) - which also goes for their renewals.


Or get a wildcard certificate :wink:

But managing to securely distribute that wildcard certificate and private key automatically to all the servers (and I’m especially worried about the Windows machine) could be difficult.


Thanks. Is it then possible to increase the renewal time? Instead of three months, I prefer to renew in six months.

Hi @mahmoodn

short answer. No.

Longer answer. Check the FAQ:


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