Need help with tailscale and Certbot standalone for new cert

Something is blocking the inbound HTTP connections.
You need to find out why and allow it.


any idea what it might be?

actually i'm new to this field and have very less idea about these things !

Speak with your HSP [Digital Ocean] - they may know more.

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i'm using tailscale , is it causing the issue?

curl -i -m10
curl: (28) Connection timed out after 10001 milliseconds " got this when trying it from my other device.

I wouldn't know.
What do you do with it?
[how experienced are you with it?]


A few helpers here use tailscale but I am not one of them. I changed the title of the thread in hopes of drawing their attention.


thanks for your help @MikeMcQ @rg305 , i have found the issue and solved it! it was the digital ocean firewall !!


Expanding on this...

Web Servers are fine with (re)starting services with an expired certificate. Clients will not automatically trust the certificate, but have the option to - and uptime is not affected.

Most (all?) web servers will fail on initialization and fail to start up if their configuration file point to an SSL Certificate that has been removed from the filesystem. This will create downtime until either the Certificate is replaced, or the config file remove/comments-out the SSL directives (which will give you port 80, but not port 443 services).


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