Need help manually migrating hard drive

My hard drive on my server (which hosts and others in the domain) went down.

For some reason, I cannot restore the backup drive which has a clone/mirror of the hard drive before it died, so I’m going to have to move things over manually.

I’ve never had to deal with manually re-creating my Apache stuff before. Is there a guide somewhere or can someone tell me which folders to copy over?

My attempts at googling are all thwarted by results for first-time setup, not “my drive bit the dust and now I have to put the pieces back together”.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Copying Apache stuff is going to depend on what your Linux distribution is, as the way each distro packages apache2 creates variations in what directories are used.

As far as this relates to Certbot (this being a Let’s Encrypt forum), a simple tarball which preserves symlinks is sufficient:

tar cf letsencrypt.tar /etc/letsencrypt

Then just extract it on the destination server.


Sorry, I meant certbot not Apache. Brain is spinning a bit. This drive was supposed to be there 2 days ago but UPS just could not get their act together, and now I’m scrambling.

I think I can do the Apache stuff in general, it’s just the LetsEncrypt stuff that I was not sure how to handle.


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Thank you again. I tried that this morning and it worked perfectly, but I’m glad I asked, because I would have forgotten about the symlinks and probably fubar’d the whole thing if I hadn’t asked.

Appreciate your time.


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