Multiple domains/zones with acme-dns

Hey folks, I have successfully gotten the acme-dns script to work for one of our domians.
I was wondering if its possible to run multiple domains/zones from the same acme-dns server ?
So i guess it comes down to the /etc/acme-dns/config.cfg file. Can you have multiple
domain = “
entries or do I have to fire up another server to run a separate acme-dns for each domain?


I don’t know if you can have multiple “domain” settings.

However, you don’t need them just to use acme-dns.

It’s fine to have “ CNAME” or whatever.

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No, you can't; the acme-dns instance will only handle a single domain. But, as @mnordhoff mentions, there's no need to do this; you can CNAME any domain name you want to the domain served by your acme-dns instance (you could, if you wanted, run them all off the test server at, but that really isn't recommended). I've done it; it works just fine.

ok, sounds good… thanks.


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