Multiple domains with Certbot

My server serves multiple sites (one IP multiple different domain names) and until now I have installed certificates using certbo like this:

sudo certbot --apache -d -d
sudo certbot --apache -d

But now since the challenge fails I don’t know how to install certificates for multiple domains on a single server. I’m aware of the workaround command, but I’m not sure how to adapt it in the manner above (I’m a complete beginner sys admin).

I have installed certbot via its PPA repostiroty (ppa:certbot/certbot), i’m using apache2 with Ubuntu 16.04. The version of certbot in that repository is 0.19. Also does anybody knows when the repository receives updates?

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From the issue:

Unfortunately this will take some time, as it requires a release from the debian and ubuntu maintainers.
Until then users should use certbot-auto if they require features from the 0.21.0 release

You could try use certbot-auto in the meantime, or perhaps show us what workaround command you have tried and we can try work through it with 0.19.

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Thanks for the replay. I haven’t tried the official workaround because I’m afraid I might do something I won’t know how to undo (I’m complete noob to sys administration).

This is from the official certbot site:

sudo certbot --authenticator webroot --installer apache

Can I use something like this? Is there a way to --dry-run a command with certbot?

sudo certbot --authenticator webroot --installer apache  -d -d

Certainly, you can just add --dry-run to the end of that last command, and it will use the Let’s Encrypt test CA and not make any changes to your Apache configuration.

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Thanks, I tried, but it won’t work with --dry-run unless I use certain subcommands, it returns:

--dry-run currently only works with the 'certonly' or 'renew' subcommands ('run')

Ah. I guess you could try run certonly to test the issuance and if it works, try it live.


certbot certonly --authenticator webroot -w /var/www/webroot -d -d --dry-run


certbot --authenticator webroot --installer apache -w /var/www/webroot -d -d
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You can use --staging with other commands, though it will save the staging certificate for real. (You can overwrite or delete it.)

It succeed, thanks! Although it did not edit my apache files as the old certbot before the bug.

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