Multidomain wildcard certificate with multiple DNS providers

Is this scenario supported by certbot or other acme client ?
Having two domains with DNS hosted on separate providers (Route53 and a webhosting with cPanel) , and get a single certificate including both wildcard domains * * is one client I know of which supports multiple authenticators in one certificate.

Certbot doesn't, unless you do all the work yourself in an authentication hook.


Oh , thank you for the quick response
I'll have a look at , i also seen that the cerbot docs include an example authentication hook shell script which could be modified i guess to meet my needs which is pretty cool.

I've also seen there's a manual option when requesting a new certificate , but i'm not sure if that works with wildcard certs , like going in the DNS settings and adding the record while the request is paused or something

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Yes, but you'd have to repeat this manual process at every renewal.

If supports your scenario with automatic renewal out of the box (as it appears to), I'd definitely go for that instead.

Thank you again , i will ... haven't used it so far but after looking through their docs seems straight forward and they have quite a lot of DNS hosting services that can be used with :slight_smile:

Posh-ACME also supports multiple validation plugins for a single cert.

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