Multi domain (SAN) certificate and webroot auth


using letsencrypt console tool I want to request (SAN) certificate for 2 domains /home/user/domain1 /home/user/domain2

for authentication I am using webroot plugin

./bin/letsencrypt auth -v --text -d -d \
--authenticator webroot \
--webroot-path /home/user/domain1 \
--webroot-path /home/user/domain2

the problem as I understand that I can only pass one --webroot-path for only 1 domain

is it possible to specify multiple webroot paths for (SAN) certificates ?



multi domain support in webroot authentication plugin is not yet officially available - you can follow the pull request at for background

webroot issue label

and specific issue at


actually if your web server is setup for it, you can use multi domain SSL with webroot authentication - just did it at Letsencrypt Webroot Authentication Tested on Beta invited/whitelisted domain


I’m using godaddy to host my domain and wanted to just upload the certificate in there.
How do i generate the certificate on my laptop to upload to the CPanel SSL/TLS upload tool>
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SAN certs have been supported by webroot since 0.1.0. On the command line, you can follow these instructions:

If you want to do this from a config file, see this bug (which is scheduled to be fixed in 0.3.0) and available workarounds in the meantime: