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I have successfully generated certificate using -a manual method (since I have no SSH access to webserver). Certificate is now saved in my computer (/etc/letsencrypt…), however I would like to have these files on server but it warned me not to copy them, just make symbolic link from my computer (if I get it right). I was thinking about either copying them or figuring out how to create them directly on the server. What do you recommend me?

Thanks, Martin

You will need to copy it over to the webserver - by a secure method.

If you have no SSH access to your web server - what secure access do you have ? and does it have some sort of control panel for it ? if so what ?

We are using phpmyadmin and net2ftp but we probably doesnt have encrypted file transfer.

Do you have root access to the server ? or is this a shared hosting environment ?

it’s a shared hosting

You probably don’t have access on the server to install the certificate then. Does your hosting company provide any information about installing SSL certs ? or can you tell us who you use as a hosting provider ?

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So it looks like it is possible to upload certificate through control panel in account:
(translated) Information from web:
… in case of your own certificate enter private key
and certificate, in case of necessity intermediate certificate of
CA, all in PEM format …
Might this be solution?

Yes, that could be a solution. Does it request them as 3 separate files, or 2 files ? or all combined in 1 file ?

It requests 2 files.
Okay, this looks like it, thanks much for quick help :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to use fullchain.pem as the certificate file if there isn’t a separate option for the intermediate certificate.

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