Move certs / domain to other server / le-account

I have a remote server, ubuntu 20.04 certbot v0.40.0 with 2 domains per domain dns-01 wildcard certificate, acme-v02 ... account 01xxxx
I don't know why this strange version number on, I'm no ubuntu expert.

and a server in the house, gentoo certbot v1.16 with subdomins, dynamicdns hosts with mixed dns-01, certonly webroot certificates, acme-v02 ... account 02xxxx

if I want to move a domain / hostname on the other server is it enough to change the account in /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/example.conf?
or revoke and new on the other server?

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You mean after you've succesfully transfered the relevant directories pertaining the certificate in /etc/letsencrypt/{live,archive}/ with keeping all the things the same, such as symbolic links, ownership and permissions? If so: yes.


yes that's exactly what was meant.
Many Thanks


You can try to renew using the command: certbot renew --dry-run --cert-name ${name_of_cert} where you can find the ${name_of_cert} using the command certbot certificates

That last command is also a good method to test if the transfer went OK: it'll give an error if certbot finds inconsistencies in the renewal configuration file or directory structure.


thanks, i'll write a comment in the scripts, because i always forget about dry-run


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