Most Polular Clients in Use from Boulder Logs

Hi All

According to the section 6.1 of the IETF Draft, clients should submit a user-agent string

Is it possible to get an idea of which clients are the most popular from the Boulder Logs?


Interestingly enough, the requirement of having “the name and version of the ACME software” in the header appears to be given without taking in account browser-based clients (which simply cannot override User-Agent), even though the a few lines below in the very same section browser-based clients are mentioned in relation to CORS.

@leader Most browser based clients aren’t 100 % client-side, right? Sure, the private key is generated client side (I’d hope), but unless all the stuff is coded in JavaScript, I assume the ACME communication is server side (e.g., PHP et cetera).

Actually they are or should be (I can't speak for others) :slight_smile: And the document actually recognizes that too, because if the comms were handled via server-side backend, mentioning CORS would make no sense. I believe we have deviated though - my point there was mostly to highlight that in case of browser-based clients there would be no reliable stats based on the User-Agent.

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