Migrating one of multiple domains to a new server

I had two domains on one server. I’m in the process of moving one of these (and its subdomains) to another server. As part of this process, I believe I should copy the /etc/letsencrypt folder over.

However, I’ve found deeply-buried files referencing some of the domains that aren’t on this new server (like a meta.json file deep inside /etc/letsencrypt/accounts/

How can I safely remove the domains I don’t need from my /etc/letsencrypt folder, and remove the domains I’m transferring from the /etc/letsencrypt folder of the old server? In short, how can I break up a letsencrypt setup into two independent ones on different machines?


I’ve gone with the approach of re-creating the certs on my new server, then removing the affected domains from the /etc/letsencrypt/renewal directory on my initial server.

That’s probably what I would have done as well.

Your initial server will still contain valid certificates for the domains you transferred, but they’ll expire within a few months and then only exist on the new server.

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