Manual Cert; Plus Server Integrated Letsencrypt

I am planning to get a standalone cert for a currently registered domain, and some subdomains. I would use this for several internal, different servers.
For a specific server, I am seeing methods to manually import the cert, which is what I expected to do.
However, I also see for servers in general, methods to integrate with Letsencrypt, with the aim of automating, and to a great extent abstracting cert functions from server functions.
My question is: if I do get a manual standalone cert, and then set up a specific server to integrate with Letsencrypt, for the same subdomain that is on the existing cert, will the requests that result from the server integrated with Letsencrypt cause problems with my original standalone cert?
It is a similar question if I integrated several separate servers with Letsencrypt, will they mess each other up with separate cert requests?
Example of internal servers: gitlab, nextcloud, seafile, …

Hi @blumtnmysX7


doesn’t exist.

A certificate knows nothing about the methods used to create that certificate.

So: If you have created one certificate, you can copy it (private key + cert) and use it with different servers, jobs, protocols, programs.

It’s not relevant if you have used --standalone or an already running webserver.

And creating certificates doesn’t affect older certificates.

Only thing: The rate limit.


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