Making progress....but not http-01 query of the server?

So I've gotten to the point where I'm requesting authorization...

I do so by posting to the challenge URL

I'm getting :
"type": "http-01",
"status": "pending",
"url": "
"token": "y7dDWEAdmAjD7nCKc-gJ4xsWv7Nztel_IJP7vE7YqV8"

As a response, but I'm not being queried by the server....
How long should this take?

Do I do the order finalize before or after authorizations are resolved.. (i've assumed after)

Thanks for the awesome support I've received here....
(12 minutes waiting and nothing so far......)
I'm logging all 404's so if Ive got the URL wrong I'd see something...

You're probably doing a POST-as-GET instead of a POST.

POST-as-GET is just querying the status of the challenge, it doesn't cause the ACME server to do anything.

You need to POST an empty JSON object: {}.

What you're probably doing is posting an empty string.

If you did it right, you'd see the requests come in within a few seconds.


Also probably wise to sanity check your own firewall setup to make sure internet facing traffic can actually reach your web server on port 80.


That was it... needed to post empty {}
Damm this is the best support I've ever received, paid or free.

Now have a full transaction all the way to receiving a certificate.
Written from scratch...

Given that the weird mix of some stuff in the http header and some in the JSON seems odd to me.
If your going to have JSON payload, why put anything in the http header?

Thanks you to all that hang out here and help the clueless...


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