Making More certificates


I’ve exceeded my week certification, and im in desperate need to create 1 more. Please if anyone can help me find an answer.


You can make a new certificate that includes more or fewer names as part of the certificate. Then it will no longer be the exact set of domains.


What do you mean by that


If your existing certificates all covered and, you could request a certificate that covers,, and This certificate would not be blocked by the rate limit that you mentioned above.


if i add a subdomain will it let me access


If you add a subdomain and issue the certificate for all of the names, it will be valid for accesses to any of the domains. A certificate that covers several subject alternative names is valid for access to any of those names.


how do i issue all 3 of them a certificate, i wont let me issue one to


How are you issuing your certificates?



You can add more domains to the certificate by adding additional -d options. (With --apache, the domain names that you add must already exist in DNS and must point at your server.) For example, sudo certbot --apache -d -d might already be enough in this case, if you didn’t have the bare name on the certificates that you issued before!


To make this simple, ensure the www also points to your domain IP.
And that it is included in, covered by, the same vhost config block.


if someone is typing will they be certified?, also i don’t want to have a subdomain for some reason


Yes, if you run with -d -d, the resulting certificate will cover both and (With only -d, only would work, except in Chrome, which makes an exception for this case.)


Thank you my friends, i got everything!


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