Lost While Trying to Renew on AWS EC2

The challenges of dealing with something that only needs attention every three months, and is outside of your usual experience…

Have small site or two running within an Amazon EC2 instance. My LE keys are coming up on renewal time, and I have completely blanked on how I did it three months ago.

The requisite 45 minutes of Google and forum searches leave me no wiser.

Really I have two pretty specific questions:

Once I’m logged in via SSH,

a) Which directory do I need to be in to run the renew process? (/etc/letsencrypt/live/??)
b) Exactly what command do I use to do it?

“certbot renew”? “certbot-auto renew?”

Thank you for some succinct and copy and pasteable answers.

I seriously thought I had all of this written down, but apparently not.

Certbot doesn't care. Any working directory should be fine.

Impossible for us to say. It's your system. One or more of certbot, certbot-auto, letsencrypt or letsencrypt-auto should exist. Try it and see. If you find one, use its renew command. (certbot renew or letsencrypt renew or whatever, as you said above.)

If you find more than one install, that could get a little complicated. Pick one at random or try to figure which is the newest version, i guess. (certbot-auto or letsencrypt-auto should auto-upgrade themselves when you run them, though.)

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