Local setups - Opnsense ACME and wildcard cert

My domain is: Baxtersnet.com

I have a small network protected by an OpnSense firewall. Many of the devices within the network have web interfaces and HTTPS options that I wish to actually use, however to do so will require a certificate.

My previous DNS provider was not compatible with DNS-01 however I have moved the domain to cloudflare which is.

I think I may need to generate a wild card certificate for my domain, however I am not completely sure of that. How can I best obtain SSL certs for my boxes to use both internally and those that I choose to expose externally?

If you moved to cloudflare recently, you could use cloudflare's DNS API with certbot or any other acme client that supports API from let's encrypt to proceed with the dns-01 validation.

Check documents from the chosed client for more information.

Thank you

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