Listing registered emails for expiry notification


How do list the emails that are registered to get expiry notifications for my domain. I have recently updated the list, but not sure how to verify if the list is updated or not.

What method/command did you use to update the account contact?

I have used the following link:

Great! There isn’t a nice way to retrieve the account contact info via the API, but certbot stores the account info so you can confirm what email address was configured, check this the files within subdirectories of: /etc/letsencrypt/conf/accounts/ called regr.json

Hi @ezekiel,

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I don’t see any email data in regr.json. Below are the steps I followed:

root@user:/etc/letsencrypt# pwd
root@user:/etc/letsencrypt# find ./ -name regr.json
root@user:/etc/letsencrypt# cat ./accounts/
{"uri": "", "body": {}}root@user:/etc/letsencrypt#

Please let me know if I missed anything.


then copy your account private key file to /tmp/uacme/private/key.pem (the path leading to private is not important, but the file name must be key.pem) and issue the following command (note path after -c must match the part leading to /private/key.pem)

uacme -vv -c /tmp/uacme new

this will try to create a new account with your existing key, which will fail because the account already exists. However the -vv flags will produce detailed output from the server including the existing email address on the account.

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