Listen 443 still added twice in ports.conf


Yesterday I installed a new certificate and ran the certbot-auto --authenticator standalone --installer apache -d domain command to do so (I upgraded to certbot 0.20 right before)

After it ran, I still had a second Listen 443 entry as reported in Listen 443 added twice to apache conf when renewing so I think this issue is still not fixed.


Tagging @joohoi as he was involved in the previous topic :slight_smile:

Listen 443 still added a second time in 0.21.1

This time it’s added at the beginning of the section, whereas I always ended up with one at the beginning and one at the end in 0.19.0 and 0.20.0


Could you by any chance send me your complete Apache configuration? This behavior still suggests that Certbot isn’t able to see your complete configuration (and hence unable to find a pre-existing Listen statement), so it keeps adding the new one.

You can send the config to

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