Letsencyrpt via proxy



is it possible to use letsencyrpt with -a manual certonly behind a http/https/socks proxy?

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I too would like this feature. Does letsencrypt respect http_proxy or https_proxy environment variables, or is there a --proxy option somewhere?


Does the thread - Acquire and install certs on reverse proxy server configuration answer your question / provide a solution ?


I don’t think so. The problem there I believe was that the authentication requests couldn’t get through from the ACME server to the web server, due to a reverse-proxy server.

The problem I have is that I can’t get the letsenctype-auto command to talk to the ACME server because it is on a network behind a forward-proxy server. Most utilities (yum, curl, wget etc) will check the http_proxy environment variable for details of a proxy server to use, but I don’t think letsencrypt does. I’m still working on this so will report back if I get it working.


Ok, I’ve found the problem. I was testing with only setting http_proxy environment variable. I’ve set both http_proxy and https_proxy and it now works :slight_smile:


Perfect - I also will try it! :wink: