Letsencrypt-win-simple - Trouble at Renewal with Certificates and Accounts

I installed my certificated 3 months ago, Got the email renewal notices so I renewed.

No more Account account deleted. Also, Certificate Expired when its renewed last week.

Please work on he front end for clarity - Do not use GREEN color if expired. Say expired.
Now I have expired certificate and a new certificate which I have to select but IIS8 wont let me.

Please work on this so it does not happen again, otherwise this is a great job.

Hi @mikecaldera,

It would be helpful if you would also state what software you're using to renew the certificate. Otherwise, it's very unlikely that the developers of that particular software will become available of the problems you've had.

There are dozens of different applications that people use to obtain Let's Encrypt certificates, including at least six for Windows:

If you let us know more about your software environment, we may be able to bring your problems to the attention of the people responsible for the tools that you used.


I used this software to add the certs and to renew the certs with no problem. Actually this was a godsend making it fool proof.

The I only problem I had was when I went to the renewal screen…at letsencrypt.org it showed that my certificate had expired… so I renewed it and it showed that it was in fact renewed on that screen. Not sure what screen but it was in the email that was sent to remind me. The problem was that the www.domain.com and domain.com was actually TWO seperate SSL renewals. When I listed the domains…I have about 100 domains when I saw the domain I added the corresponding number to renew and did not renewal the other corresponding number the same domain without the www.
I take the rap for that. whoops my bad. I need two SSL next time for one site. One with the www binding and one without.

Anyway, All is good now. I’m not hating I actually love this idea I just thought it was done/complete when I saw the “color green,” that it was taken care of once. Something about that color green that makes me say complete!

I can’t explain why or how my account got deleted. I’m guessing because the certs were expired for a while.

hi @mikecaldera

You are using a client someone else developed so I would suggest comments like this aren’t really useful:

Do not use GREEN color if expired. Say expired.

If you are not happy with the colours write your own client :smiley:

Saying that - are you familiar with the concept of vaults in ACMESharp Library? letsencrypt-win-simple is build on ACMESharp and my suspicion is that the way the vault was setup it may not be available to all users


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