Letsencrypt ssl + cloudflare proxy = cloudflare ssl?

My domain is:foodee.gr

My web server is (include version): lemp ubuntu 20 with webinoly in a linode vps

I have letsencrypt certificate with webinoly and i use cloudflare for dns and proxy BUT

my certificate in my browser is from cloudflare!!

when i stop using cf for proxy then my browser use letsencrypt certificate

pz i use Full (strict) ssl in cloudflare

If this is expected because of the proxy do i have any problem if cloudflare looking as it my ssl?

Cloudflare terminate TLS on their edge allow them see all traffic on connection and use those info to cache. (and who knows where else)
business plan or up allow you to upload custom certificate, but I don't think you will want that.


How does Cloudflare work?
Understanding Cloudflare's CDN

There is no other way for them to serve your content securely.
Whether that is an actual problem, or not, is debatable; It depends largely on your confidence in their security and the security you expect on the content you serve.
In case it hasn't been made obvious to you yet, all such CDN systems are in essence a MITM (by design).

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