LetsEncrypt queries

  • Does it support windows standalone deployment ?
  • Does it support Linux standalone deployment ?
  • Does it support LB level deployment ?

Usually, it does. It depends on the acme client you choose, though:

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I can see below clients for windows:

Windows / IIS

which one is feasible for windows standalone deployment? what to consider while choosing the client?


I’m not very familiar with the Windows clients, but I can answer this question:

The most important factors to consider are probably

  • Automation, including for renewals
  • Compatibility with your web server application (e.g. IIS, Apache, nginx, Tomcat)
  • Direct integration with your web server application

In the best case, the Let’s Encrypt client that you choose will be able to work directly with your web server application to get the certificate—and renew it automatically before it expires in the future.

If you’re using a web server application that’s hard to integrate directly with Let’s Encrypt, you could also consider using Caddy as a reverse proxy to your existing service

Caddy’s Let’s Encrypt integration is completely automatic and it can terminate HTTPS connections (as a reverse proxy) on behalf of other services that don’t have such good HTTPS support or Let’s Encrypt support.

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