LetsEncrypt for IIS based FTP site (uses FTPES)

This is probably a simple question (for the right person), but in my initial research I haven't found clear-cut instructions so hoping someone here can help.

We have a Windows Server 2016 box running IIS 10, and we're using LetsEncrypt for automated certificate renewals (specifically a simple Windows ACMEv2 client WACS, version

We have no problems with all new certificates getting applied to the HTTPS sites in IIS when a new cert is generated, BUT we have an FTP site in IIS that's setup for FTPES that does NOT get the new certificates assigned/bound automatically. Automated FTP transfers start failing, and then succeed again as soon as we manually apply the new cert to the FTP SSL settings in IIS.

I'm wondering what I need to do to get the renewal to automatically assign to FTP site as well. Would like to avoid having to touch this box every 60days just to manually apply a new cert.

Issue is likely something that was not done during initial cert renewal setup, but I'm not sure what that might be.

Any guidance that someone can provide is greatly appreciated.


I've not used win-acme myself, but from their documentation it looks like it supports an IIS FTP installer:


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